Fierceblooms First Event – Wild Garden Style Flowers For A Birthday Party

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
It is both an honour and a responsibility to be asked to create something fabulous and floral. As delighted as I was to be asked to create the floral design – wild garden style – for a friends birthday party, I was also a wee bit nervous. This would be fierceblooms first ever foray into flowers for a birthday party, an important event. I wanted it to be wonderful.

I confess I got the measuring tape out to make sure the pedestal dimensions were going to work with the height of the large glass containers. I am sure I don’t need to mention to many of you experts out there but to create 3 huge pedestals needed more foliage than I had originally thought. Luckily for me, winter had not yet arrived, so I could use long branches from my red beech which was still in leaf as were my ribes stems. I added beaded eucalyptus for scent and texture as well as beaded ivy. I think you can almost guess what happened next my darlings – after I had finished the foliage outlines, those pedestals, although marvellously balanced, were almost too big to go the in the back of the car! Note to self for next time to either create the pedestal completely in situ or do it a wee bit smaller.

Note to self for next time to either create the pedestal completely in situ or do it a wee bit smaller.

After the size discovery, I decided to add the flowers in situ. I used Physalis to create a really Autumnal seasonal feel, together with orange/red Fuego chrysanthemums, yellow solidago, plentiful and in season, altromeria and red grand prix roses. Party lights lit the water in the huge vases and added quite a twinkle to the florals.

The venue was a marvellous WWII village hall, complete with white-clothed trestle tables. As well as the pedestals, strategically placed at the door, beside the dance floor, and on the buffet table, I created hand tied posies to be placed in jam jars along the length of the tables. The posies, as well as grand prix roses, had red carnations with wired crab apples from a tree next to the canal, to add that wild garden style seasonal feel. Beaded eucalyptus and yellow solidago completed the floral elements to tie them back to the pedestals.

I will always be very grateful to my friend for the trust placed in me for this, my first ever event utilising wild garden style flowers.

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! As is the whole of your site. Well done to both of you! A beautiful thing to read and very inspirational!

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