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This section of the site is about my endeavours to create a canalside cutting garden in our one and a half acre plot beside the Shropshire Union Canal in rural Cheshire.

After retraining at the local agricultural college and spending time with my floral practice, I have moved to using only British grown and British sourced materials. I made that decision for both practical and environmental reasons.

But why would you want to grow and gather as locally as possible when there are perfectly good wholesalers available I hear you cry? My British flower growing is far from some nationalistic sentiment although I confess there will always be that old fashioned romantic in me. In growing our own flowers, I have the greatest of admiration for the skill and dedication of growers all over our world.

The reality though is that there is now data to show there is an environmental price to be paid when shipping flowers from one side of the earth to the other.

Aesthetically too, things grown and foraged here in my cutting garden seem to have a “sense of place”. That belonging to what is growing around us is something I am coming to value more and more in our global fast-paced world.

So, we have slowly started to create our very own cutting garden. Nestled beside an historic canal in Cheshire, we watch the narrow boats and the seasons drift by. Walking along the canal both inspires and informs my seasonal choices.

We gather freshly cut flowers and foliage from our canalside cutting garden and of course, as with any and all creative practice, the cutting garden has had a profound influence on my wild garden style designs. It has also had a profound influence on the wildlife with butterflies and bees and wild flowers.

The flowers we grow in our canalside cutting garden hold the power to communicate where words cannot. They hold the ability to transform spaces and uplift moods just by their very presence. It is that very British aesthetic, and the energy and life of the Cheshire countryside why I pour my heart and soul into growing flowers to use in my wild garden style designs.

I choose flowers that will grow well in my clay soil. I learned long ago that there is no point fighting with mother nature. I’m always on the look out for new flowers and varieties. What seed I choose is influenced by but not dominated around the latest fashion and colour trends.

What I realised last year when I was creating my wild garden style floral designs was the most critical factor of all for me is I have to love the flower to design with it, so that is always at the front of my mind when choosing what flowers I am going to grow for my canalside Cheshire flower cutting garden.

In previous years, I chose randomly what I liked and gave not one thought to stem length or a coordinated colour palette. Now, I’m looking to grow entire bouquets and arrangements in my Cheshire canalside flower cutting garden from the seed choices that I make, so I think carefully about colour. I plant seeds that will give me a mixture of different shapes of flowers, so while focal flowers are key, I will also grow a spike, a disc, a filler and something airy that will allow me to give wonderful movement to my wild garden style floral designs.

It is so much easier to create something wild and beautiful when you have these key ingredients.

Online Flower Class Testimonial

I felt like I was there. I just couldn't reach out and stick my nose in the flowers. It was as if I was sat in your front room watching your creativeness.
Online Mothers Day Bouquet Class Attendee


A 19th century historic wharf and Cheshire canalside cutting garden is the inspiration for our wild garden style ethos. I root my floral design in every precious fleeting seasonal moment, growing and creating only ever with local seasonal scented British flowers.

If sustainability matters to you, if you care that floral creations are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful, then I am a kindred spirit.

We share our artisan florals in our live online virtual flower classes, and with our flowers, create bouquets and undertake a few intimate Cheshire weddings a year.

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