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Wild garden style floral design is a passion for me. It probably always has been but I took a different career path.

Not too long ago, a rather large pharmaceutical company decided to move to Cambridge. I decided to stay in Cheshire.

So here, in our vintage warehouse beside the Shropshire Union Canal (that’s the Shroppie cut to you and I), I started to watch the seasons in the hedgerows, to belong to a village who hardly knew us when we were jetting here there and everywhere, to notice the swallows when they returned and even, when I was very lucky, to catch a glimpse of the beautiful brilliant blue kingfishers as they darted along the canal.

I have also reconnected with some much earlier influences.

My grandfather built a greenhouse. It was half the size of his garden. I was quite small and so was his garden. When he used to open the greenhouse door, I would take a deep breath. The scent of geraniums was intoxicating. I can see him now with his tie and his tank top, shirt shelves folded neatly over and over and held by his steel arm bands.

My grandfather built a greenhouse - It was half the size of his garden. I was quite small and so was his garden.

On the greenhouse shelves too were pots and pots of cascading fushias in all colours and all manner of shapes and sizes. I spent hours watching him tend his amazing blooms.

I was very fortunate to study Botany at University. I suspect this was always meant to be from my grandfather's early influence. And now, I feel I am exactly where I am meant to be.

As a wild garden style artisan florist, this blog is about my wild garden style floral design where spirited flower curation captures the essence of each and every passing month and season. Each floral arrangement is designed to engage, to literally make you stop and gaze a while. A moment to rest in this rather hectic world of ours.

But why fierce I hear you cry? Isn't that a bit violent, its' meaning almost aggressive and forceful? What attracted me to the word 'fierce' though has its roots in its alternative meaning and the writing of David Whyte , a poet who is rather fond of using the 'F' word to discuss engagement in life.

So my floristry is fierce in the sense that I approach it in a heartfelt and intense way, spirited if you like. The work I do of learning from others is done with humility. I risk by putting my floral design out there while giving others the gift of my insight for what it is worth to them.

I have studied floral design at Reasehealth Collage in Cheshire as well as having an honours degree in Botany from Nottingham University. As an aspiring artisan florist, I was delighted to achieve 2 second prizes in my first ever South Cheshire (Nantwich) Show (2015).

For each project, I:
  • Grow (some) flowers and foliage in my cheshire canalside flower cutting garden - e.g. see my recent post on choosing dahlias for that wild just picked look. I forage for other foliage (responsibly in our beautiful British hedgerows).
  • Design using the unfolding seasons as inspiration observed from our home next to the canal.
  • Create bespoke wild garden style cut flower arrangements that generate atmosphere for wedding and styling events.

You can also browse through other examples of my work on my wild garden style floral design portfolio page and let me know what you think.

You can read even more from this british artisan florist and flower grower on the floristry blog.

Do get in touch to discuss your wedding or event. You can also get inspired and learn what informs my designs by attending on of my fierce flower classes.

If you are interested, you can also review some of my wild garden style wedding flowers ideas.

My Studio And Canalside Cutting Garden

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