Wild Garden Style Floristry

Keen on floristry, but not familiar with the term "wild garden style"? Follow me HERE to find out more about how this floral design philosophy can be summed up by what I'm calling the 5F's - Fierce, Foraged, Fresh, Fragrant and Following the seasons.


Interested why I named my site fierce blooms? Find out about me HERE .

Fierce Wedding Flowers Ideas

Looking for something a bit different for your forthcoming wedding? Then click through to see my wild garden style wedding flowers ideas. You can also browse highlights of my floral design portfolio season by season if you wish.

Fierce Cutting Garden

Want to know how I grow or get my hands on the freshest, seasonal British flowers and foliage to create my wild garden style designs? Click HERE for advice on best varieties to choose and how I grow them in my Cheshire canalside flower cutting garden.


After advice on "how to do the flowers"? Then join me at fierceTV where I show you what I have created and how you can do the same step by step.

Fierce Latest

The latest posts on the blog feature an article on seeds to plant for a wild garden style summer bridal bouquet and also January in a jug as a pick me up from those winter blues. Elsewhere on the blog we are already anticipating the spring season to come with articles on selecting flower cutting garden seeds, the dilemma of which dahlia tubers to choose as well as a New Year reflection on what is involved in building a canalside cutting garden which we recommend as a read. Otherwise you can just....