Re-imagining Flower Classes For A Virtual World

November 2020 - a time like no other

How has time has arrived at November already. Like most things this year, there is a strangeness to it, an edge, an anxiety. 

As I write, the US election result is still uncertain. Living in Pennsylvania almost two decades ago means that part of us will always be there. Whatever your political persuasion, that result will have profound implications for us all. Nearer to home though, we have had more unsettling although not unexpected news as we face another lockdown.

Our Canalside cutting garden has been our focus and our saving grace. Like many others though, our fierce ethical floral business, particularly our classes and tuition, has needed to change and adapt to remain relevant and viable.

So, the ever intrepid Scot, who has only latterly discovered I turned the heating down in the Wharf to store the tulips, is turning himself into a TV producer. As the historic narrowboats drift past on the canal with their ticking bolinder engines, we have the latest digital technology beaming from our 19th Wharf. In this new virtual Wharf world, we are making the experience as immersive and connecting as we possibly can, exploring every boundary of the technology to allow us to reach beyond our sanctuary.

We want our classes to remain warm, human and welcoming. We wanted to add an extra layer of experience beyond pressing the play button on a prerecorded  video.

The pandemic has prevented many of life’s touch points so we have especially focused on virtual connection. We want our classes to remain warm, human and welcoming. We wanted to add an extra layer of experience beyond pressing the play button on a prerecorded  video. We wanted to hear life and laughter even if we are in separate places smelling the pine and eucalyptus.

Ironically, on the weekend we had planned to hold our traditional face-to-face Autumn dried floral wreath workshop in our little village hall, we launched  our digital offering - group and 1-2-1 online flower classes. Following on from the enthusiastic response to and feedback from these online Autumn Wreath classes, we are now launching an expanded collection of live online Christmas classes - "Tis The Season". 

We would love to have you join us. Contact me to find out more and book.

In the meantime, come and say hello on  Instagram where we post our regularly.


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If it matters to you to make a statement on your wedding day that you honour and respect the environment as well as each other, then I'd love to be right there with you.


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I create romantic wedding florals using my unique seasonal flowers and foliage grown in our canalside cutting garden.

My wild garden style floral designs include utterly bespoke bouquets, uniquely different flower crowns, beautiful buttonholes and fabulous floral installations for weddings in Cheshire and the surrounding counties.

I am aware that your wedding is a special moment that celebrates your life and love. It can also signal your unique style and aesthetic and be as special in other important ways too. Perhaps you want your wedding flowers to be as lovely to the environment as they are to look at? If so, then I'd love to be right there with you as your wedding floral partner. Enquire to book your consultation.

British flowers are key to my wild garden style floral design for both aesthetic and environmental reasons.


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Iam an artisan florist growing British flowers with a design studio and cutting garden nestled beside a historic canal in rural Cheshire.

If sustainability is important to you, if it matters that your flowers are as lovely to the environment as they are to look at, then I am a kindred spirit.

Get in touch to discuss your wedding or event. You can also be inspired and learn what informs my original designs by attending one of my flower classes . Update - 2020 FTF classes in our local village hall have been cancelled due to Covid, but get in touch with me regarding live on-line 1-2-1s.

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Wreath Making and legends……
In Greek legend, Sisyphus was punished in Hades for his misdeeds in life by being condemned eternally to roll a heavy stone up a hill. As he neared the top, the stone rolled down again, so that his labour was everlasting and futile.
Here in our canalside cutting garden, our seasonal Sisyphean back-breaker is lifting the leaves. There are no trees without leaves, and as we gather them on one day, so more appear the next.
So we are embracing the season of leaf lifting, and with our wild gardeb style British sustainable flowers over for another year, it is Christmas wreaths that are occupying our time.
What’s occupied your time today?

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