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Details of wild garden style workshops and one-to-one intensives

You don't need me to tell you that even as we move into 2021 from 2020 (the latter an annus horribilis if ever there was) for the foreseeable future the world will remain a changed place.

What hasn't changed though is our fierce, uncompromising commitment to seasonal, ethical flowers. British flowers remain at the heart of our floral business for both environmental and aesthetic reasons. However, we have needed to adapt our business to continue to thrive.

Sharing how I "do the flowers" is something I adore still, be that for individual tutelage or in our seasonal flower workshops.

For reasons that require no explanation here, no classes are happening face to face. 

Our fierce flower classes have continued however. Digitising our floral experiences has been one of the successes of this last nine months. Digitising but not depersonalising. 

Always at the heart of every one of our flower workshops are British seasonal flowers and environmentally friendly designs. I watch the narrow boats and the seasons drift by. My canalside cutting garden is both the source and the inspiration for the ingredients I provide to teach our wild garden style of designs.


Holding our 1:2:1 wild garden style classes has enabled us to reach others in a way unimaginable previously. Connecting to sustainable growers and florists around the world has been an amazing and joyful experience, all from our 19th century wharf with some great IT to the comfort of your own sanctuary.

Frankly, those conversations and interactions have kept us sane in a year none of us could have imagined. 


In the ongoing uncertain times, we launched our  live online group flower classes.  A Digital Floral Restorative Tonic for those in need of floral community and creativity .

A Digital Floral Restorative Tonic for those in need of floral community and creativity.

The intent is to inspire your own creations after our time together. The classes are the real me, demonstrating in real time. This is not a recording! 

There is a maximum of 15 attendees so there’s time for everyone.

All classes include:

  • A detailed step by step demonstration
  • Full PDF instructions including our wild garden style floral design principles, a list of eco friendly mechanics and a comprehensive list of all foliage and flowers
  • Creative ideas for imaginative sustainable ingredients.
  • Growing advice on varieties to grow to use for your own seasonal ingredients

Following on from the overwhelming response to and success of our live online Autumn Wreath classes (see intro video above) and “Tis the Season” Christmas  classes, we are continuing in the first half of 2021 with our live online  "Nature and Nurture" Zoom flower classes.

So  allow us to virtually gather and welcome you to our Cheshire Wharf and canalside cutting garden.

“Nature and Nurture" flower  classes are run GMT, Greenwich Mean Time .(London time).  We will be having 2  classes on each day, priced  at £35. Every class lasts approximately one hour.

Nature And Nurture Flower Classes 1H 2021

Live Online Flower Arranging Valentines Wreath Class - Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th February  - 9.30am | 7.30pm

Live Online Flower Arranging Mothers Day Bouquet Class - Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th March  - 9.30am | 7.30pm

Live Online Flower Arranging Easter Bouquet Class - Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th March  - 9.30am | 7.30pm

Live Online Flower Arranging Spring Bouquet Class - Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th May  - 9.30am | 7.30pm

Live Online Flower Arranging Summer Bouquet Class - Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd June  - 9.30am | 7.30pm

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    The essence of our learning values remains the same on line as face to face.It is just it all happens over the wires now.

    The essence of our learning values remains the same online as face to face. Professionally run classes kept intentionally small. Sufficient time with everyone who attends. A  relaxed environment that is ideal for learning and immersing yourself in your own creative practice. It is just it all happens over the wires now.

    British flowers are key to my wild garden style floral design for both aesthetic and environmental reasons.


    About Fierceblooms

    more about Me

    Iam an artisan florist growing British flowers with a design studio and cutting garden nestled beside a historic canal in rural Cheshire.

    If sustainability is important to you, if it matters that your flowers are as lovely to the environment as they are to look at, then I am a kindred spirit.

    Get in touch to discuss your wedding or event. You can also be inspired and learn what informs my original designs by attending one of my flower classes . Update - 2020 FTF classes in our local village hall have been cancelled due to Covid, but get in touch with me regarding live on-line 1-2-1s.