Wedding Flowers At A Cheshire Castle

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
Truth be told, I had gone for the owl. You know, in a very Harry Potter-esk style, the owl swoops down the aisle, wedding rings safely under wing, to arrive with barely a feather ruffled before an expectant bride and groom.

I arrive early and in the rain, immediately spotting said birds out for a pre wedding flap. It was then I was told there would be no flight today. Day off I wondered? Disappointment was etched on my face but only for a moment. “Go and see the wedding flowers in the main hall though, they are amazing” was the falconer’s next sentence. I was off in a hoot.

I can hear the latch as it opens to the main hall. I step inside. Peckforton is gothic but in a terribly romantic way. Inside, all is warm and bright after the cold driving Cheshire rain outside. Hundreds of candles sparkle, making the floral vista all the more impressive. Huge domes of pink and lemon roses with eucalyptus and white hydrangeas line the hallway. Globes of white roses hung from the white branches of a tree, all looking like they have been magically suspended in mid air. Wow was an understatement. The sight literally took your breath away.

Wow was an understatement. The sight of the flowers literally took your breath away.

I was lucky enough to speak to the man himself, Mat Hepplestone and Loiuse Fox of Redfloral. Mat was generous in sharing his mechanics for the breath taking arrangements that had been created.

We had time to wander and gaze at the skill involved in these flowers for this wedding – probably more time than the bride and groom would have.

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