Seeds to Plant For A Wild Garden Style Summer Bridal Bouquet

WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
In my recent post reflecting on creating my cutting garden last year, I promised I would share the specific seed varieties I am growing this year in my Cheshire canalside cutting garden. My seed choices reflect both specific flowers I want to use in the design of a wild garden style summer bridal bouquet and the practicality of what I can grow well in my Cheshire clay soil.

Honing the list of seed choices is always a wee bit of a challenge. Of course, I want to grow them all! My method though, gleaned from a previous career, is “to stand on the shoulder of giants”. I spend some time looking at the seed catalogues, usually in front of the fire, and obviously all in the name of research. Next, I have a look at what my favourite designers have used in their bouquets. Not just the focal flowers but the stems that give texture and movement and the all important fillers used. Finally, I look through the lens of a colour palette that inspires me, and with a good dose of “growing on clay” reality sprinkled in, start to curate my seed choices.

The following are this years choices of cosmos to grow in my cheshire canal side flower cutting garden. I confess I think I could do better with growing these and starting them early enough is the key I think. Then, they grow in such profusion and give such wonderful floral movement, definitely worth the growing effort:

    • Cosmos bipinnatus purity
    • Cosmos bipinnatus antiquity
    • Cosmos atrosanguineus black magic

Next up is the list of Scabious to grow in my cheshire canal side flower cutting garden :

    • Scabiosa atropurpurea beaujolais
    • Scabious atropurpurea summer fruits
    • Scabious ochroleuca

The following are this year’s choices of Zinnia to grow in my cheshire canalside flower cutting garden :

    • Zinnia elegans zinderella lilac
    • Zinnia elegans zinderella peach

I seek to create a summer bridal bouquet from my cutting garden to capture a quite unique moment in time, a gathering of nature’s own clock. It makes me look at everything that is there in a way that I would not normally do so. I have learned to stop fighting with my canalside cutting garden. The soil is clay. I have quite a few trees. I grow what thrives in those conditions rather than forcibly attempting to plant florals and foliage that just sit there and sulk. I have learnt finally to let mother nature guide me on the design of a wild garden style summer bridal bouquet.

Each summer bridal bouquet created from my cutting garden represents a quite unique moment in time, a gathering of nature’s own clock.

Wild garden style design is about designing bouquets with flowers that reflect each moment of the season. They speak to a moment in the season. Their appearance make us reflective of seasons past, so rooted are they in their timeliness.

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