Red tulips in a wild garden style floral arrangement

Red Tulips For Floristry Give Arrangements That Wild Look

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
Red is far from everyones favourite colour. In tulips for floristry, bronze and blush are the colours that everyone wants. There are times though, dear readers, like Valentines and Christmas when red becomes THE colour but for the most time, for most people, it is just, well, too RED.

For me, red has very different connotations. It is castles and dragons, singing on the way home. For this Welsh valley’s girl, it is hiraeth.

I have grown two types of red tulips for floristry in the cutting garden, a frilly parrot and a large single. I knew they would work perfectly together.

As most know, tulips retain their tropism (ability to bend towards the light even when cut) so I wanted the floral arrangement to give them the space to move where they wanted. I also wanted to use them to their full height – what was the point of growing fabulously long tulips to cut them short was my logic. I pulled the bulbs to ensure they could be cut to their maximum stem length once I had conditioned them.

The original container I had identified was just too small to hold these long stemmed beauties. I needed “a heavier bottom” to take their height. It needed to be black too, to echo the black anthers in both tulips. After not too extensive a search of my container collection, ahem, I found a large black round vase that I filled with chicken wire for mechanics, as I wanted the tulips to last for as long as possible.

what’s the point of growing fabulously long tulips to cut them short.

I don’t know about you but I am constantly cutting foliage that I think is an interesting shape and leaving it to dry. While my other half often refers to this as “space occupying” floristry – he is of course right – what it means is when I need some bold dried structures to frame those long tulips, I have it.

I really love the combination of beautiful blooms with dried materials. This mix of dried and fresh florals is what I think makes an arrangement look slightly “wild” and I constantly use it to achieve that just picked from the garden wild garden style floristry look. It is also a great help with the mechanics.

Tulips for floristry used in this way make a bold dramatic feature arrangement. I have placed mine in a window with the light streaming in behind softening the reds and turning the foliage a pale dreamy green but it would be equally at home in the centre of a table.

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  1. Tulips look stunning along with the wallflowers such an array of colour.

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