In The Pink – A Floral Wreath in the Pantone Colour of The Year

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
Iadore a lovely floral wreath. Just because the festive seasons is over, I thought, I am still going to make one!

These blooms were for a friend’s birthday. Pantone had just announced their 2016 Pantone colour of the year – rose quartz and serenity – so I thought I’d go for a bit of pink.

I always forage for my foliage responsibly.

By some miracle, there were plenty of stems available in the garden of my favourite pink scented geraniums as well as another favourite foliage, beaded ivy. It has perhaps crossed your mind, dear readers, that there is a fair bit of beaded ivy that ends up in my arrangements. Worry not, my darlings! I live right next to a long stretch of canal where there is quite a bit of the stuff. I always forage for my foliage responsibly, and if I had felt the least bit concerned about it, the recent hedge cutting by the boys from the the canal and river trust has put my mind completely at ease. In fact, I thought, I am doing them a favour!

But I digress.

I think pink can look a bit too sugary sweet on its own, so to counteract this, I added some tonal depth with dark red beech leaves, just a spot here and there with chamelaucium adding the feel of the countryside. Finally, I added viburnum grown in my own garden, together with heads of British grown white narcissus to give some welcome scent. Take care when you are adding these mind you as they need pushing in held right at the base, otherwise they bend and then my dears, they are not going to look good at all.

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