Hop Bines Arrive At the Wharf

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Iwould have them for the smell alone, that gorgeous just cut earthy scent that reminds you of summer days in a field of warm grass. I decide to push the boat out this year and order 3. The hop bines come in six to nine foot lengths and are interesting for wild garden style floral design where you are perhaps trying to craft a dramatic vertical church floral installation.

Well, our heavy beams looked just beautiful decorated in those fresh green hop bines hanging in big swags. They had faded in the year as I knew they would but I loved the delicate paper like flowers that greeted me everyday with such old fashioned swagger, I had to have some more.

I loved the delicate paper like flowers that greeted me everyday with such old fashioned swagger.

When they arrive they are completely malleable but that doesn’t last for long, so for optimum success in hanging them, do as I do, drop everything and hang them up straight away. That way, you can arrange the boughs of hop flowers to drape just where you want them.

I knew I’d get the question about the others. “I thought I’d decorate the garage” was my response. It was acknowledged with rolled eyes, the same eyes that helped me hang both old and new hop bines.

I get my hop bines from Haven Herefords. An unlikely source I grant you but I loved their heritage and wanted to support british flower growers. The farm is the oldest family run herd of Hereford cattle in the world and is operated from the hamlet known as The Haven at Dilwyn in Herefordshire, UK. The herd is in its fifth generation and is currently run by Edward Lewis and family. The hop bines are also fabulous quality and excellent value.

A note – I want to say dear readers that these are my views for which I have received no benefit.

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