Christmas Starircase Garland

For The Love Of Christmas

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Christmas Garland

For The Love Of Christmas

Fierceblooms Reflects On What Christmas Means

WORDS: Kathryn Cronin
PHOTOS: Ricky Bache

Time has felt like a precious commodity this year. It is the year I have stopped ironing and nobody has noticed, or at least nobody has said that they think we look a wee bit more creased. It is the year like no other that has highlighted the power and force that is nature, when, if you thought you were in control, you were made very aware you were not.

Christmas always makes me reflective. It is such a dominant moment in time that I would argue you cannot fail to think of years passed. Of the changes even I have witnessed over the time I have been here. It is forcing me this time around to think of the choices that I am making with the time that I have. Everything is a choice even though we may not always think it is so. It is focusing my mind, no, my heart on what matters and what is precious to me.

In a world that is dominated by social media and external validation, it takes a great deal to resist belonging to that fast paced unforgiving tribe however tempting. Increasingly, I find myself drawn to gentler things, things that feel more authentic and ultimately hold something more precious for me without the requirement to yield part of yourself.

It is standing at the base of the village church tower listening with others to the muffled bells tolling 100 years since the end of the first world war. It is watching the first murmuring of starlings across the canal that is slowly starting to flow again. It is tea with friends by a warm aga. It is allowing yourself to rest and do nothing, I concede a novel concept for me.

Four paragraphs in, and I am hoping you’ve made it to four paragraphs in, you’ll be asking where is the conversation about our cutting garden or the wild florals I so adore? What has come crashing home to me is that without the elements of those first things, I am unable to create. I believe creativity resides within us all but each one of us needs to find our own unique and personal expression of it. For sure, mine is growing and arranging flowers but it is also writing and drawing and cooking but only when I have not exhausted myself to believing I have no interest or skill in anything!

I adore Christmas. Even the dark for it makes the lights twinkle all the more brightly. This garland is made with the love of Christmas. It is for the love of everything that I hold dear. British (Cheshire) grown pine. I have been hunting for it and how splendid that I have finally found it! The eucalyptus is from North Wales so it feels like it has part of my home in it too. Ivy grows in my hawthorn hedges and pine cones I have collected in the summer when they fall and no one else is thinking of Christmas. Others have been collected for me from all parts of our British countryside.

I believe creativity resides within us all but each one of us needs to find our own unique and personal expression of it.

This Christmas, choose to do something you love with your very very precious time. This I think is the most heartfelt of gifts. I”ll be making some florals that I hope you love but I love them and I am accepting that is enough of a gift too.

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Wild Garden Style Christmas Garland

British flowers are key to my wild garden style floral design for both aesthetic and environmental reasons.


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