Flowers Up North – Reluctant Snowdrops

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
After the mildest winter many of us can remember, my little white cherubs are having none of it. That’s flowers up north for you.

This year, the snowdrops have not been first to appear, the daffodils have beaten them to it. A darling neighbour in the village shared his theory and it is this, they don’t like being too wet. Well, that’s their year ruined I thought with the worst flooding that many of us have ever seen in ‘ol Blighty.

I gaze at the bunches of snowdrops being sold at New Covent garden flower market and hope my green with envy expression is not too unbecoming. I am miles and miles from London……ssshhh it’s mostly a rather splendid thing being up North.

it’s mostly a rather splendid thing being up North.

January is all about new beginnings. Snowdrops epitomise that for me, their simple beauty needs no ornamentation. I put mine in tiny glass vases or in small silvered votives, you know that ones you usually use for candles. Their ethereal beauty is just perfect. Cut a small amount from the bottom of the stem and stand in deep water when you first have them to condition them properly. Change the water everyday and with luck they will last for 4- 5 days.

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