Floral Design for a Winter Party Table Centre – Photographed On A Crisp January Morning

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
It has been an odd winter to say the least – so when the first proper frost arrived at the same time as a request for flowers for a table centre, it was too good an opportunity to miss. This was to be Fierceblooms first ever outdoor styled floral design shoot.

The table centre flowers were destined for a rather stylish black tie party. The floral design would be viewed from every angle as a raised table centre surrounded by gorgeous things to eat. The 17th century house called for elegant and dramatic blooms. I choose Grand prix, one of my favourite red roses. Despite their lack of scent, a good thing sometimes for a food table, they open beautifully and look just like unfurled velvet.

A handy tip for creating this raised centre piece is to use a stand. Perhaps everyone knows this, but it was a find for me! As I anticipated the flowers would be elevated, the stand meant I could create a shape that appeared to drape down, and ensured all my mechanics were covered too.

A handy tip for creating this raised table centre piece was to use a stand.

I always start with my foliage. There is still loads of beaded ivy around and it adds really excellent texture too. I am lucky enough to have some mahonia I can pick in my garden. The leaves are a little spiky to work with but worth it for those gorgeous spiky yellow florets. Chamelaucium with its distinct aroma is another favourite. It looks very natural and fits perfectly with my preferred wilder garden style of arranging. Beaded eucalyptus, red dyed beech and a few skimmia heads from the garden completed the foliage choice.

Once the roughly domed foliage shape was created, I added the roses in a zig zag pattern. I made sure that the roses were at different heights and angles. But most importantly dear readers, the roses were allowed to sing. None of your “in a row and too close in” for this floral design. These darlings were the stars and needed to be highly visible. Being tucked away was not going to do it.

It is always such a lovely thing when you see the look on someone’s face when you arrive with their flowers.

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