Fierceblooms Makes A May Visit To Dorothy Clive Garden

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
Fierceblooms makes a point of getting out and about to visit floristry events and beautiful gardens. She is particularly fond of local gardens. If you have never visited the Dorothy Clive Garden, near the village of Woore in rural Shropshire, now is the time to rush there.I have written before about the wonderful Laburnum Arch at Bodnant. Well, dear readers I am delighted to report that the Dorothy Clive Garden has it’s own very beautiful inspiring arch nestled away at the edge of the extensive garden. What I have never appreciated with laburnum in full glorious flower is it’s exquisite scent.

I had visited the wonderful plant fairs at the Dorothy Clive Garden in the autumn a few years ago and had thought the garden was at its peak in that season but oh how wrong my opinion was.

Visiting again yesterday in the glorious weather this late May, it highlighted what an absolute stunner the Dorothy Clive Garden is. Many gardens have but one glorious peak at a particular season but like Bodnant, the Dorothy Clive Garden has a depth that translates across at least two and I suspect all seasons. I plan on visiting a few more times dear readers.

The vistas and sites that confronted us as we strolled around the gardens yesterday simply put were just breathtaking.

Beautiful beds of Alliums mingled with stately foxgloves and bearded iris that any Chelsea garden would be proud of. Then there is their edible woodland with their inspiring insect homes, framed by a just fading wisteria.

What I have never appreciated with laburnum in full glorious flower is it’s exquisite scent.

Inviting paths lined with soft cow parsley and aquilgea meandered through the garden taking you up and up to reach a vista across the Shropshire fields that was so unspoilt, it literally looked like a painting.

At this time of year a trip along the azalea walk, an absolute riot of colour, is a must.

The garden is not stiff or starched but flows through the hillside it is built on using best advantage of the changing height to borrow the beautiful landscape beyond.

Our visit was memorable and inspiring. I know nothing of Dorothy Clive, the woman whose name is given for the Gardens but her legacy is one of pure joy. Do visit.

If you want to see more details of the beautiful gardens please click on the highlight images below.

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You can also find out about visiting and opening times for the Dorothy Clive Garden here.

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  1. It is absolutely gorgeous and the golden chain arch is something to behold. Where is it in Shropshire. Would it be easy to get to via the train.

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  3. Haven’t visited this garden for a number of years. Feel a return is due. Thanks for the prompt.

  4. We went there in September 2017. The difference between May and September is amazing, all those spring blooms we missed and there wasn’t half as much colour.

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