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Fierceblooms Out and About – Bodnant Garden – A Florists’ Dream

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
Fierceblooms makes a point of getting out and about to visit floristry events and beautiful gardens. She is particularly fond of National Trust properties. If you have never visited Bodnant Garden, now is the time to rush here. The gardens were made famous by its lovely long lobelia arch which in spring is a splendid sight indeed. Amazing though that is (and dear readers I confess I’ve never made it at its peak for one reason or another), in my humble opinion, it is the mellow fruitfulness of Autumn when the whole of the garden, both its herbaceous borders and its wilder side, are a sight to behold.

If like me, you carry a set of snips wherever you go, then I would advise locking them away. I defy anyone, let alone a florist, to step out onto their rose terrace, take in that vista and breath in that scented air without wanting to take a bunch home with them.

Even the dying leaves, hanging like red flags from numerous trees, make the foliage as highly desirable as the florals. More temptation is to be found in the formal beds still bursting with delicious dahlias. And the roses, did I mention the roses? It’s enough to make any garden flower florist green with envy. Oh what a cutting garden this would make dear readers.

The reflecting pool frames the glorious lilies.

Any this point, I am at pains to point out that this National Trust garden is a treasure, never to be snipped from but admired in all its glory. I am a great believer in foraging but a trust garden is not on the list of appropriate places – and it never will be.

I invite you to explore the wonderful detail in the Bodnant Garden pictures by clicking on some of the images in the lightbox gallery above.

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