Scented rustic wedding bouquet with seasonal home grown British flowers

Fierceblooms Designs A Scented Rustic Wedding Bouquet

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
The design of this scented rustic wedding bouquet was encouraged by the welcome appearance of some thin winter sunlight.

Scent in the winter months feels even more precious and uplifting than at any other time of the year. As there is little sun the botanical response cannot be to produce big blousy flowers to attract its pollinators so at this time of year, nature compensates by scent.

It is this Winter response that has inspired a scented rustic wedding bouquet.

Nothing signals the break of winter edging into spring like catkins and there has been an absolute abundance this year. I adore their shape and texture, and even their colour, as this too is a reminder of winter and the earth at rest. Inclusion of warm yellow tulips and daffodils in this rustic wedding bouquet are very much a nod to the expectation of spring. Those flowers will bloom however much we are stuck in what feels like a dark cold eternal winter.

British grown bright yellow daffodils with their unmistakable scent were chosen for this scented rustic wedding bouquet design along with British grown soft butter lemon scented vernona tulips. I love this tulip variety for their double rows of petals that appear like small but perfect peonies. Wall flowers grown in my canalside flower cutting garden were added for an additional pop of yellow colour, texture and scent.

The stems of catkins were wrapped around a wire frame, with longer stems threaded through to make a conical vase. Both tulips and daffodils can appear solid and their heavy heads can be tricky to arrange but using the wire frame and catkin stems supports both the shape and lifts the texture of the flowers.

Each flower was arranged around the edge of the frame.

Inclusion of warm yellow tulips and daffodils in this rustic wedding bouquet are very much a nod to the expectation of spring.

As we nudge into February and hope the worst of the winter is over, this very British scented rustic wedding bouquet carries the textures of winter breaking and gives the promise of spring.

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