Spring floral nest.

Fierceblooms Creates A Floral Nest In Homage To Spring

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
There is a little story I’d like to share with you behind the inspiration for this spring floral nest.

You know when you look into your post box and there is a layer of twigs and moss arranged down the bottom, and you think did I put that there? So, you take it out. The next day it is back again. This time you think definitely not me but whoever they are, they are determined. The postman has left the letters in amongst the twigs.

While I am wondering about a temporary move for the post, my other much more practical other half is all for eviction. As he quite rightly points out, we need to put our post somewhere.

The day after and the doorbell rings. It is the postman. This time, he has not been so lucky and a rather irate bird has flown straight at him. We both agree to a temporary post box in the garage. Obviously, my other half is delighted.

This nest building enthusiasm from our feathered friends started me thinking about building my own nest. This would be one for flowers rather than eggs – a floral nest in homage to spring. My rosemary bush had not made it through our rather wet winter so with the twisted textured branches that are left, I decide it is perfect nest making material.

I had been in Nantwich that day and had found a rather lovely glass cake stand, perfect for the base of my nest. I used design board attached with a plastic frog and florists plasticine to secure it to the glass base, then wired the rosemary branches in a nest shape around the board, filling any gaps in with moss.

At this time of year, forget me not is everywhere but as this spring flower is only around for a short time, I wanted to use it for the flowers in the nest. It looks like it won’t keep but conditioned well, it will last for days even in floral foam. The thing I love about it is that it looks like it is still growing from the nest, and the scale of its foliage and flowers were just right.

Push in the stems from the bottom to avoid them braking and place the stems in concentric circles to ensure movement and rhythm. I ensured they were also in the same direction as the twigs for the nest. I have patches of my own bluebells so I cut a few – I am at pains to emphasise that these are in my garden and please never cut from the wild. Now these don’t last even if you have conditioned them to within an inch of their lives but the blue fairy hat flower bells looked gorgeous wrapped around the nest, even if just for a fleeting moment.

This nest building enthusiasm from our feathered friends started me thinking about building my own nest, one for flowers rather than eggs.

I had a sneak peak in the post box for a last time a few days ago. It is looking like a proper home is being built there. That’ll be the post in the garage for a while I suspect.

In the meantime, I have the compensation of this beautiful wild garden style spring floral nest to look at.

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