A Summer Wedding Bouquet with sweet peas

Fierceblooms Creates A Summer Wedding Bouquet With Sweet Peas

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Nothing is as quintessentially British as a sweet pea. The scent from their petals is unmistakable and utterly beguiling, and makes a hugely memorable summer wedding bouquet.

I grow Spencers, an old fashioned variety with lots of scent and, usefully for a florist, very long stems. I have found them really easy to grow as long as I keep our resident population of mice at bay initially (they do love a sweet pea seed).

Although the stems are the longest you can grow, I sometimes need an even longer stem length, so I cut whole “branches” of sweet pea stems for my summer wedding flowers. The flowers seem to last really well when they are kept attached to the stem and they give the most amazing movement in a summer wedding bouquet.

The sweet pea colours I have chosen to grow complement the other flowers that I have growing in my canalside cutting garden. That way, I am able to include a few of these beautifully scented blooms in every one of my designs for summer wedding bouquet in my signature wild garden style, all grown in my canal side flower cutting garden.

Fragrance is so memorable and brings such nostalgia to any summer wedding bouquet. Will you have sweet peas for your wedding flowers?

Fragrance is so memorable and brings such nostalgia to any summer wedding bouquet.

The other flowers I have included in this summer wedding bouquet are:

    • Phlox – the variety is creme brûlée and the beautiful tones complement a whole range of colour pallettes from pales to purples and everything in between. I am growing a lot of this wonderful flower this year.
    • Apple mint – adds a more fabulous scent to the sweet pea wedding bouquet in its own right as well as a useful spike shape to the floral design.
    • Scabious – the colour tones with the colour of the sweet peas and the smaller round heads add a different floral texture and size bringing both transition and movement.
    • Salvia- another spike with a deeper saturation of colour.
    • Foraged pieces – branches and dried materials like grasses provide a useful framework for the summer wedding bouquet.

In a strangely psychic nod, the colour palette of this summer wedding bouquet is the 2018 pantone colour of the year, and whilst not universally loved at first, I think this palette will look beautiful included as pops of colour in wedding flowers and any 2018 summer wedding bouquet.

I will leave you with one final thought. There is nothing quite like stepping outside first thing in the morning, snips in one hand and a bucket of water in the other, to cut a bouquet from the blooms grown in my canalside cutting garden. The mood that I feel in that moment of deciding what to cut, and with the person in mind I am designing for is what makes my wild garden style designs utterly unique.

Wild garden style design is about designing floral arrangements with flowers that reflect each moment of the season, perhaps also incorporating locally grown dried flowers from a season past.

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Also on the site, there are loads more articles about my canalside cutting garden and a page detailing my fierce flower classes and tutelage for you to enrol on a learn to make bouquets like this.

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  1. A beautiful arrangement and to have all the scents of the flowers as well nothing compares.

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