Deconstructed Bouquets – The Need for Emotion In Floral Art

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I have been trained at a floral collage. I know the rules. Looking at the new romantic floral art movement, it got me thinking of a rather famous quote from the Dalai Lama and his 18 rules for living – learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.

The rules I refer to of course are those taught around floral design, and whilst some may think of these as too restricting and rigid, despite my earlier quote, I am a fan. To a point.

learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.Dalai Lama

There is one element that is rather tricky to teach – emotion.

Emotion in floral art is key. That ability to generate a connection at a deep level when someone looks at your floral creation is a skill indeed. I have a hypothesis, a theory if you like, that how you are in yourself when you design and create your floral work radiates out from that piece without you even knowing it. I’ll cite my most recent example as evidence but could call on numerous designs to illustrate the point.

A dear friend died quite recently. She was spirited, kind and beautiful and much too young. After her funeral, I was making a Christmas wreath and when I had finished it quite honestly it could have been her floral tribute. I don’t know about you, but when I am actually hands on, I am lost to everything, in some sort of floral mind state, and my mind at that point was sad, and it translated to what I was doing. The wreath utterly reflected that in the placement and choice of its elements. My melancholy was beautifully etched in the design by the grace of those flowers.

Looking at instagram and pinterest, ahem, as I do quite often, I see bouquets that are perfectly constructed but they appear to have no soul, nothing that reaches out to touch me.

I see bouquets that are perfectly constructed but appear to have no soul.

Yes, the flowers are gorgeous but it feels like something is missing. Others are less perfect but I am drawn to them somehow as they creators seem to have captured an expression of the love of their art. And art it most definitely is. I am drawn to that wild garden floral design style but beyond that somehow, some florists manage to convey a serious and significant emotional connection in capturing natures breathtaking beauty in a hand tie.

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