Birthday Spring Florals

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
The brief was a straightforward one – “I don’t want posh flowers”. By that, I took it to mean no roses but spring florals. The event was to take place in our local pub, the Badger Inn.

As the pale spring light shone through the windows, the pub served its gorgeous piping hot food to perfection. While we ate, a very talented harpist played. And there were flowers of course. It was beautiful and I loved it.

I am lucky to be within striking distance of the British flower grower Carol Siddorn who’d I’d met at a Nantwich Monthly market, a wonderful gathering of all things lovely and local the last Saturday of every month. I wanted the blooms to be British for this very lovely British lady.

On each of the tables, simple jam jars were filled with gorgeous British spring flowers. The stars of the show for me were some big and blousy double pale yellow tulips. Their splendour required no adornment as they twisted to the light from their simple glass jars. Their double petals almost looked like peonies. When I spied them as Carol toured me around her fabulous flower farm, I knew they would be absolutely perfect.

More jam jars were filled with scented white and yellow narcissi and single yellow tulips. Rather kindly, Carol let me have as much pussy willow as I wanted (this was a specific request from the birthday girl). I wanted a colour contrast too so I added blue anemone and mascara. For movement, there was a touch of eucalyptus and wax flower from the Dutchman. The rows of flower filled jam jars provided floral rhythm.

I am coming to the view that although I feel really strongly about supporting British flower farming, it isn’t about being a total purist. The Dutch have amazing growers too, albeit I’d like to see British flowers have a more dominant role here as they once did.

It was a bit tricky to add the very straight pussy willow to the softer spring bulbs without the foliage dominating. Loose hand ties was the method I employed to achieve that wild garden style “just picked from a spring meadow” look.

On each of the tables, simple jam jars were filled with gorgeous British spring flowers.

I’d like to think the mood was added to by the florals. Before they were swept onto the tables, the scene was of tables and chairs, lovely but still and lovely. Once the floral were added though, there was an aliveness to it. It felt like you were sitting in a bit of spring and I dare anyone not to be happy with that.

I would be delighted if you would have a look at some examples of my work on my wild garden style floral design portfolio page and let me know what you think.

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