Are Tulips Worth Growing In Your Cutting Garden


As an artisan florist and british flower grower fierceblooms discusses whether it is worthwhile growing tulips in her cutting garden.
Tulips. Are they worth growing?

An internal debate I have with myself every season is whether I should grow those beautiful Spring blooms.

After all, tulips are expensive, space occupying, work intensive and last two seasons at most.

Also, In the spring tulip season, good quality cut flowers can be supplied from local British flower growers like Smith And Munson to name but one.

So as an artisan florist and british flower grower, where do I stand on the questions of growing tulips versus utilising the space in the cutting garden for other flowers?

Watch through our video to find out where I am on this floral dilemma.


A 19th century historic wharf and Cheshire canalside cutting garden is the inspiration for our wild garden style ethos. I root my floral design in every precious fleeting seasonal moment, growing and creating only ever with local seasonal scented British flowers.

If sustainability matters to you, if you care that floral creations are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful, then I am a kindred spirit.

We share our artisan florals in our live online virtual flower classes, and with our flowers, create bouquets and undertake a few intimate Cheshire weddings a year.

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Online Flower Class Testimonial

I am buzzing with ideas after watching you last night. Ridiculous to say but I feel I almost know you after such a warm (virtual) welcome into your beautiful home & garden. Your classes are so inspiring.
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