Welcome to the floristry blog of fierceblooms. In this section of the blog ‘Fierce Cutting Garden’ are articles about my canalside Cheshire flower cutting garden and how to grow flowers and foliage for wild garden style floristry as well as foraging throughout the seasons.

I choose flowers that will grow well in my clay soil. I learned long ago that there is no point fighting with mother nature. I’m always on the look out for new flowers and varieties. What seed I choose is influenced by but not dominated around the latest fashion and colour trends. What I realised last year when I was creating my wild garden style floral designs was the most critical factor of all for me is I have to love the flower to design with it, so that is always at the front of my mind when choosing what flowers I am going to grow for my canalside Cheshire flower cutting garden.

In previous years, I chose randomly what I liked and gave not one thought to stem length or a coordinated colour palette. Now, I’m looking to grow entire bouquets and arrangements in my Cheshire canal side flower cutting garden from the seed choices that I make, so I think carefully about colour. I plant seeds that will give me a mixture of different shapes of flowers, so while focal flowers are key, I will also grow a spike, a disc, a filler and something airy that will allow me to give wonderful movement to my wild garden style floral designs. It is so much easier to create something wild and beautiful when you have these key ingredients.