Valentines Day – When Everlasting Love Might Not Be So Everlasting


Valentines day is an important one for florists but in the Northern hemisphere the time to question our old floral expectations has arrived.
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Everlasting love on Valentines Day felt less loving recently. Let me explain why.

No one is able to be an innocent abroad on the side lines anymore. You may have never questioned where those red roses were coming from a few years ago, but now you know, the question of what you are going to do about it lies heavy in the air. Are we really able to look ourselves in the mirror and justify the cost? Cost measured not in monetary terms dear floral enthusiasts. Environmental cost is the pressing question on everyone’s rosey lips.

For all those die hard romantics out there wanting to send their red petalled eternal love, this rhetoric can feel too serious, too sullen. Isn’t affection worth some floral sustenance I hear you cry?

The mood has shifted though. After all we have witnessed in the last couple of years, being part of the ongoing ecocide is starting to feel nothing short of hypocritical. Let me be clear though, there is no criticism intended of individual choice here, just a honest endeavour to highlight our own personal accountability. Perhaps a real moment presents itself now to change how we demonstrate our Valentine’s affection. In a world where increasingly the realisation of control is aspirational at best, I’d like to think our agency can be gained in the small choices we have volition over.

What’s the point I hear you ask? Can one individual not buying red roses change the way things are? Then perhaps a few other’s join in. Opinion’s start to waiver. Make no mistake though, there are powerful influences at play. Significant money has been invested and business profit continues to be made from heating greenhouses with fossil fuels as well as flying flowers half way around the world.

If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, then there’s half a chance of a real garden rose. Our sustainable scented garden grown flowers on the other hand are in late winter. Early spring is only a heart beat away and draws ever closer. Primula and snowdrop and crocus and daffodil greet me in the morning. And our roses? They’re currently being pruned.

Can’t love be rather complicated…


Fierceblooms is a environmentally sustainable floral business. Guarded by our ancient horse chestnut, our canalside cutting garden grows herbs and flowers while the wild edges hold magical medicinal plants here for much longer. Our hand crafted wild garden style wreaths and florals capture the seasonal moment and are created exclusively with British everlasting and fresh flowers.

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Always, our fierce focus in our unique online classes is to share how we create our signature "Wild garden Style" floral designs using local, scented, seasonal and sustainable flowers.

In fact. we only ever use local, garden grown (in our case) British flowers. Our desire is in every class to inspire you to create your own planet friendly, environmentally conscious floral designs using ingredients that reflect your season, your flora and your locale.

Rather than a constraint, we believe creating with your own seasonal garden grown flowers encourages you to make floral art that truly embodies your own unique floral signature.

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