Ten Flowers To Harvest And Dry For Dried Everlastings


Fierceblooms discusses ten ideas for flowers and foliage in your cutting garden which you can still harvest and dry for dried everlastings.
At this Autumnal seasons turn, there are flowers and foliage in your cutting garden which you can still harvest and dry for dried everlastings at this late time in the gardening season.

In this video I discuss ten possibilities to give you some idea of what can be saved.

Drying your own flowers is a great thing to do for any floral design enthusiast.

It gives you your own unique naturally dried material to work with in flower arrangements over the coming months which otherwise would be costly to purchase or import out of season.

This is obviously also a very sustainable floristry practice for the aspiring eco florist to add to his or her sustainability efforts.


We're an environmentally conscious local floral business rooted in our wild Cheshire canal side cut flower garden, inspiring our weddings, workshops and creative digital online classes. If sustainability matters to you, if you care that floral creations are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful, then I am a kindred spirit.

A wild garden Spring Flower Bouquet

Online Floral Classes

Always, our fierce focus in our unique online classes is to share how we create our signature "Wild garden Style" floral designs using local, scented, seasonal and sustainable flowers.

In fact. we only ever use local, garden grown (in our case) British flowers. Our desire is in every class to inspire you to create your own planet friendly, environmentally conscious floral designs using ingredients that reflect your season, your flora and your locale.

Rather than a constraint, we believe creating with your own seasonal garden grown flowers encourages you to make floral art that truly embodies your own unique floral signature.

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Online Flower Class Testimonial

The wreath class on Sunday was excellent. It was fascinating to watch your technique step by step, to hear you explain so carefully how passionate you are about sustainability, and always so cheerfully and with such an appreciation for nature.
Online Christmas Class Attendee