Mothering Sunday – Why Flowers Really Matter


When a sustainable Mother’s Day bouquet of flowers may feel less important, whatever gives you meaning this Mother’s Day gives you hope.
fierceblooms Mothers Day Bouquet
We’re practicing the fierce art of our wild garden environmental florals with our British garden grown flowers for Mother’s Day. In actual fact, we’re always practicing being fearless and fierce – two things I advise for undertaking the art of conscious creativity every day but let’s just focus on the florals for mothering Sunday for now.

Many may be beginning to wonder whether our actions matter. Perhaps many of us are starting to think our individual actions no longer hold sway. Does it really matter what I think and do when bearing witness to such monumental world change? What does it matter if I send flowers? Does it really matter what flowers I send? Does it really matter where they come from? Does it really matter who has grown them? Really, really, really, it matters ridiculously!

This year, right now, this is why I believe it matters more than ever. Let me tell you a story about the wild swans have inspired our Fierceblooms Mother’s Day British flowers bouquet. The swans that drift alongside our canalside cutting garden. The wild swans that appear pretty much every day for breakfast on the canal tow path right next to our flowers. Stay with me if you can.

When the avian flu warning sign was hoisted just opposite our gate that same moment, the wild white feathered friends disappeared. I feared the worst. Tales arrived from the narrow boats of dying swans in Nantwich. Swans so ill they were having to be put down, with the kindest act to be released from their suffering.

I looked out for them for days. Walked up and down the tow path with their favourite swan food. They were nowhere to be found. How much we care about anything is revealed in those solitary moments. Day’s passed. Weeks. Hope was quite literally being blown away in the wind, whatever the storm’s name.

Then, without ceremony or circumstance, they reappeared. And reappeared demanding breakfast. That same joyful moment taught me to have more faith, less fear, and to keep feeding them. Neither of us knows what will befall our next moment.

So, back to those British blooms that are local and seasonal and scented and the only flowers I ever use. Never before have I been bold enough to be so vociferous about flowers for Mother’s Day. Let’s call this a call to action for Mother Earth, inspired by our wild swans, because if not now, then when? And here’s the thing, small acts of defiance on whatever front are meaningful, always.

So why bother to order our wild swan Mother’s Day bouquet flowers?

  • it really really is planet friendly
  • every single wild wonderful stem is British grown
  • it smells amazing
  • it looks amazing
  • the reusable, recyclable glass vase is quite useful too

Our seasonal scented blooms are always always home grown British flowers. No ifs, no buts, no maybe’s. Ordering our “Wild Swan” British Mothers Day bouquet from us celebrates spring and the seasonal moment without compromise to sustainability. Oh, and we, together with the swan’s will be so grateful. We don’t ask other companies to do our carbon offsetting. We do that ourselves, by growing and giving locally.

I hope that whatever gives you meaning also gives you hope.


Fierceblooms is a environmentally sustainable floral business. Guarded by our ancient horse chestnut, our canalside cutting garden grows herbs and flowers while the wild edges hold magical medicinal plants here for much longer. Our hand crafted wild garden style wreaths and florals capture the seasonal moment and are created exclusively with British everlasting and fresh flowers.

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Always, our fierce focus in our unique online classes is to share how we create our signature "Wild garden Style" floral designs using local, scented, seasonal and sustainable flowers.

In fact. we only ever use local, garden grown (in our case) British flowers. Our desire is in every class to inspire you to create your own planet friendly, environmentally conscious floral designs using ingredients that reflect your season, your flora and your locale.

Rather than a constraint, we believe creating with your own seasonal garden grown flowers encourages you to make floral art that truly embodies your own unique floral signature.

2023 will be our 4th season of live online classes.  We look forward to continued conversations with sustainable floral enthusiasts from the far flung Scotland Highlands, down to Devon and Cornwall, across to Wales, and way beyond to North America, Australia, New Zealand. To hear more subscribe to our newsletter.

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The wreath class on Sunday was excellent. It was fascinating to watch your technique step by step, to hear you explain so carefully how passionate you are about sustainability, and always so cheerfully and with such an appreciation for nature.
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