How To Have Garden Grown Cut Flowers In May For Bouquets


Fierceblooms discusses what to plant so you can have garden grown cut flowers in May to create late Spring wild garden style bouquets.
A Late Spring Sustainable bouquet
Notorious as a gap in the floral proceedings, May can be a tricky month for garden grown cut flowers for bouquets. More often than not, the tulips are over and the glorious, ahem, summer flowers have yet to get going. But read on dear floral readers, for I have solved this floral dilemma!

Firstly, tulips. Yes, mine are still flowering on 21st May. Plant late, even January, in the shade, and also those varieties that flower later. An absolute favourite here is Blue Aimable, a heritage variety from 1910 that we first grew back in the day when Pantone colour of the year was ultra violet. I plant mine next to north facing walls in our cutting garden to delay them even more.

Aquilegias are another staple of May here, not the least because the rabbits never ever nibble them. I adore the common purple Granny’s Bonnet but I am growing Black Barlow, a lovely white, William Guinness and Yellow Queen this year too.

Finally hesperis. It took me years to found out what this beautiful flower was, and now I have it everywhere. Something that grows like a weed and will stand out in the Northern winter, and in our solid clay soil, hesperis is a keeper! beautiful purple and white flowers, it’s only disadvantage is that it is a biennial. Sow it right now for flowers next year.

Bouquets that can be created entirely from my cutting garden is why I grow flowers. Sustainable, seasonal, scented, and with no road miles. I grow the things I love, that love my soil and that I love to arrange with. What’s the point fighting with your garden? And more to the point, those who grow already know it’s quite hard work, that’s a British “quite”! So, grow what you love for sure, but I can highly recommend these flowers for a May bouquet tested in my Cheshire Canalside cutting garden.


We're an environmentally conscious local floral business rooted in our wild Cheshire canal side cut flower garden, inspiring our weddings, workshops and creative digital online classes. If sustainability matters to you, if you care that floral creations are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful, then I am a kindred spirit.

A wild garden Spring Flower Bouquet

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