April 15, 2017

Fierceblooms Crafts A Spring Floral Hoop For Easter

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
Sometimes less is more in wild garden style floristry. Sometimes you love something that everyone else thinks is naff.

I have wanted to create something with my pink flowering currant for a very long time. I have an abundance of this perennial in my cutting garden because I have cultivated it. I love the shape of its leaves and adore its distinctive scent – even if no-one else does.

There is a trend for oversized hoops that I have been looking to explore for a while now. As they’re so much larger than your average wreath, you need a lot more material to scale the appropriate amount of depth in the design.

I usually love to have a mixture of foliage and flowers in my floral arrangements. However, for this spring floral hoop for Easter I have decided to use flowering currant alone with its gorgeous globes of tiny pink flowers and beautifully shaped leaves. To accommodate the scale, I’ve used twigs blown from my Beech tree. The round shape of the ring gives the design movement and the single floral element makes for a really bold floral piece.

Sometimes you love something that everyone else thinks is naff.

I covered a hula hoop in handfuls of moss secured with florists wire. I added Beech twigs at angles to give depth. As a helpful aside, they also made the hoop much more robust. What was poignant about this Easter piece at this stage is that adding the initial layer of Beech twigs made it look like a huge crown of thorns. After picking and conditioning the flowering currant, each of the stems was added using wires bent into large hairpins which were then threaded through the moss and secured out of sight through the back of the hoop. Remember to add a very secure way of hanging before you start to add your plant material as it will be heavy. It is too fiddly to add it after and will likely impact on the design, she says having made that mistake before.

Join me for a few minutes of on-screen floral curation on fierceTV and see how I have created this wild garden style spring floral hoop for Easter.

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