Create A Wild Garden Style Sustainable Bridesmaids Bouquet


Fierceblooms describes the ingredients and steps in making matching garden style bridesmaids bouquets for one of her weddings.
These days at a wedding a bride has multiple bridesmaids which means any florists and floral enthusiasts are faced with the challenge of making multiple bridesmaids bouquets.

These bridesmaids bouquets not only have to look similar to each other, but also harmonise with whilst not overshadowing the bride’s bouquet!

Under pressure to deliver a wedding project, pulling this off without prior planning and a solid process to follow can be challenging.

In this video I share my top tips  – including  ingredients, sustainable mechanics –  in a complete walk-through detailing how I make multiple matching sustainable seasonal garden style bridesmaids bouquets for one of my weddings.


Fierceblooms is a environmentally sustainable floral business. Guarded by our ancient horse chestnut, our canalside cutting garden grows herbs and flowers while the wild edges hold magical medicinal plants here for much longer. Our hand crafted wild garden style wreaths and florals capture the seasonal moment and are created exclusively with British everlasting and fresh flowers.

fierceblooms in cutting garden

Online Floral Classes

Always, our fierce focus in our unique online classes is to share how we create our signature "Wild garden Style" floral designs using local, scented, seasonal and sustainable flowers.

In fact. we only ever use local, garden grown (in our case) British flowers. Our desire is in every class to inspire you to create your own planet friendly, environmentally conscious floral designs using ingredients that reflect your season, your flora and your locale.

Rather than a constraint, we believe creating with your own seasonal garden grown flowers encourages you to make floral art that truly embodies your own unique floral signature.

2023 will be our 4th season of live online classes.  We look forward to continued conversations with sustainable floral enthusiasts from the far flung Scotland Highlands, down to Devon and Cornwall, across to Wales, and way beyond to North America, Australia, New Zealand. To hear more subscribe to our newsletter.

Online Flower Class Testimonial

I am buzzing with ideas after watching you last night. Ridiculous to say but I feel I almost know you after such a warm (virtual) welcome into your beautiful home & garden. Your classes are so inspiring.
Online Autumn Wreath Class Attendee