Best Daffodils To Grow For Flower Arranging


Being Welsh, daffodils always feature in my Spring cutting garden. Read my thoughts on the best daffodils to grow for flower arranging.
Daffodils In Spring
Being Welsh, daffodils will always have pride of place in my Spring cutting garden as a favourite flower to grow for my wild garden style flower arranging.

Long anticipated and the Pantone colour of the year 2021, bright yellow daffodils herald the end of winter and the much welcome beginning of spring. After many a year of consideration, this Welsh girl has decided, finally, to state they are my all time favourite flower.

While you may associate them predominantly with yellow, there is such choice and so many varieties, you never even need to have a yellow daffodil in your garden. I would urge you too though, for their colour is such a cheerful tonic.

It is possible to grow varieties of daffodils that flower at different times, and in so doing, provide yourself with a succession of these joyful flowers over at least 2 if not 3 months. These are some suggestions from our Cheshire canalside cutting garden, not an exhaustive list, there are more planted here, but a few of my absolute favourites:

  • Actea
  • Bellsong
  • Cheerfulness
  • Fragrant Breeze
  • Pink Charm
  • Pheasants eye
  • My story

My favourite smaller varieties that look perfect in smaller terracotta pots and round the base of our rather old horse chestnut:

  • Canaliculatus
  • Hawera
  • Sailboat
  • Silver chimes
  • Thalia

Prepare the beds you plan to plant them in, ones where you don’t need to clear them as their foliage needs to die back completely. If you find their forever spot, then these marvellous very perennial bulbs will flower for you year after year. order them now when their choices are top of mind, then come September, you are all ready to plant them.

New ones I plan to order are “Jenny” and “Edinburgh”. What’s your favourite daffodil variety?


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If sustainability matters to you, if you care that floral creations are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful, then I am a kindred spirit.

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