White Magnolia Wedding Bouquet

White Wedding Bouquet Using Magnolia and Jasmine

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
Iwanted to create a white wedding bouquet. After all, they do look rather elegant and continue to be a universal favourite. I was looking for floral inspiration. I wanted something that wasn’t a rose, something more wild garden style.

Starting out of the window all I see today in the faded light is knotty branches.

I wanted something that wasn’t a rose, something more wild garden style.

Back then what caught my eye were big beautiful blowsy blooms from my white magnolia tree. If I had known quite how tricky they would be to work with, perhaps I would not have attempted including them but attempt it I did.

The flowers were difficult to condition with around four hours being optimal. Overnight and the blooms seemed to fade too much to use. I cross wired them for support but knew they would need more help than that even. I decided to make a frame. The shape of a celtic cross would give support and a lovely open design. I covered it in blue green ribbon, which proved to be perfect foil for the white of the flowers.

The magnolia flowers, beautiful as they are, were never going to give me any movement, so I threaded jasmine through adding movement and scent in one fell swoop. Both flowers had that same lovely red lilac tinge to their white petals, not quite a perfect white and the more interesting for it.

The magnolia wedding bouquet lasted the day but no longer. It felt as ethereal as the flowering of my magnolia tree itself, a magical moment in time to be savoured for we know it is fleeting.

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