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Before I went to study floristry at Reaseheath, I was blissfully ignorant of that essential necessity, conditioning. It was a term I used about washing my hair prior to that.

Conditioning was a term I used about washing my hair prior to that.

My course also taught me what could be achieved with a diverse range of flower and foliage material, and rather importantly, what to do to ensure the plant material was kept well. Everyone swore by a book by Su Whale, Cut Flowers, a practical guide to their selection and care. They weren’t wrong.

It is a fabulous comprehensive reference that describes seasonal availability, the best temperatures and conditions in which to store your material, it even describes flower meanings, with some great suggestions on how the flowers can best be utilised. She’s also written one on foliage which I can hugely recommend too. I am constantly referencing these floristry books while thinking about designs or looking at others work to establish their make up. I highly recommend them to anyone starting out on their floral adventure.

A note – I want to say dear readers that these are my views for which I have received no benefit.

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