Autumn Floral Design Portfolio

For Those Days Of Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness
Misty fruitfulness and my darling dahlias epitomise the autumnal season. More than any other, it holds that feeling of the last beautiful blooms from summer just before the iron cold hard winter closes in. Sunflowers, rudbeckia and textural amaranthus are at their boldest just before the ice of winter makes it's presence felt.

Romantic, artisan natural designs that are authentic to their surroundings and are very British - this is how I like to 'do the flowers' as my floral heroine Constance Spry would say.

This aesthetic, which I call wild garden style, reflects my floral design philosophy.

Below are images highlighting some of my wild garden style floral designs.

My style is evolving and changing as I continue to learn - just like the seasons. I would love to hear your views on my autumn floral design portfolio or you can check out my winter floral design portfolio.

British flowers are at the heart of my wild garden style floral design for both aesthetic and environmental reasons.


About Me

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Iam an artisan florist and flower grower with a design studio and cutting garden nestled beside a historic canal in rural Cheshire.

If it is important to you that your flowers are as lovely to the environment as they are to look at, then I am a kindred spirit.

Get in touch to discuss your wedding or event. You can also get inspired and learn what informs my designs by attending one of my flower classes.