Every Florist Needs to Love their Floristry Scissors

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When I first started my floral design journey, I bought a pair of Oasis floristry scissors. They were perfectly fine and did the job. Then I saw an article on a Sakagen scissors and I knew they were the ones for me.

I have been very lucky to travel to Japan many times. I adore the Japanese aesthetic. Nothing functional is without beauty. What I knew when I saw those floristry scissors was their beautiful design would be perfectly functional too.

I adore the Japanese aesthetic.

There is still refinement in the craft employed, things are done with a skill and care that belong to another era. Let me illustrate my point. I remember buying a rather splendid knife in Kyoto once. Of course it was beautiful, but the weight of it in your hand felt perfectly balanced, and it cut like a dream. I left this amazing shop with it wrapped in beautiful packaging, only in the way the Japanse know how. Aritsgu was established in 1560 so they had been honing their craft for a wee bit of time and I would say know a thing or too about knives.

The Sakagen scissors are light and fit really comfortably in your hand.

The Sakagen floristry scissors have the same ethos. They are light and fit really comfortably in your hand. There is even a special groove where your index finger sits. The blade gives a clean cut, no smashing or tearing, through soft stems and pretty robust woody branches too. I never need to worry about them as they just do what I need them to. And I never catch my other fingers in them. I love them, and take mine everywhere with me, as the problem is now that no other scissors will quite do.

A note – I want to say dear readers that these are my views for which I have received no benefit.

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