A Spring Wild Garden Style Bouquet

A Spring Wild Garden Style Tulip Bouquet

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WORDS: Kathryn Cronin PHOTOS: Ricky Bache
Everyone has their favourite varieties of tulips and I am no exception.

I have a soft spot for the early double lemon Verona tulip beloved by me because they are usually the first fragrant double tulips to show their pretty heads in my Cheshire canalside cutting garden.

However – there’s been nothing usual about this year’s growing season so far.

This wild garden style tulip bouquet was made from an abundance of choice as every tulip I planted seemed to be seeking to be part of the flowering crowd after a cold sleepy start to spring.

Every year there’s always a pattern with British flowers but never ever exactly the same for each year has its own utterly unique feel.

Exotic emperor tulips are going to be knocking on the favourite tulips door too with their amazing architectural shape. It’s good to experiment. I hope you’ve found some new favourites as well as some familiar friends in your blooms this year.

It’s good to experiment.

Wild garden style design is about designing bouquets with flowers that reflect each moment of the season. They speak to a moment in the season. Their appearance make us reflective of seasons past, so rooted are they in their timeliness.

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